“Raw, intense and mind-blowing; each sentence is soaked with the blood, sweat and tears of its characters. This collection is one of the most sublime and under-rated examples of literary fiction I have ever encountered. If you buy only one book this year, make it this one.”

– The Irish Times

“Absolutely impeccable, Woman joins other exquisite first multicultural collections including Daniyal Mueenuddin’s In Other Rooms, Other Wonders, Violet Kupersmith’s The Frangipani Hotel, and Krys Lee’s Drifting House.”

– BookDragon (Starred)


– Vanity Fair

“Rich and intelligent, “An Unrestored Woman” crisscrosses generations of different faiths affected by the largest migration in human history. It shines a necessary light through the dark turmoil of that period in North India and Pakistan, illuminating the crevices of her characters’ inner lives.”

– San Francisco Chronicle

“Rao demonstrates her enormous power, summing up the complexities of an entire life in diamond-cut sharp scenes and dialogue.”

– New York Journal of Books

“[Rao’s] prose is a stunning set of contradictions. Short, simple sentences give an electrifying punch to the gut, making sections where Rao rises to the heights of lyricism all the more powerful…Through her characters, Rao delves into greater psychological complexity….Rao navigates the realities of race, marriage and identity in a way that feels intensely genuine. This story and the rest of the collection establish Rao as a writer with not only uncommon range, but a unique and powerful voice.”

– The Kansas City Star

“With a sophisticated sense of pacing and patience, the stories build on one another by focusing on how the actions of those in power affect vulnerable women and children on both sides of the divide…Stunning and relentless.”

– Kirkus Reviews (Starred)

“Shobha Rao writes, with equal power, of the turmoil and tragedy of Great Events, but also the small, intimate lives of those doomed to live through them.”

– Karen Joy Fowler (New York Times best-selling author of WE ARE ALL COMPLETELY BESIDE OURSELVES)

“…An Unrestored Woman is as compelling to read as it is beautifully written.

– The Mercury News

“Magnificently unsettling and unexpectedly powerful….Every story stands alone, evocative and acutely thought-provoking, but characters recur, showing how the same events from a slightly different perspective are utterly at odds. If stories are how we give our experiences meaning, Shobha Rao demonstrates just how individual those meanings are, and thus the vital importance of compassion, empathy, and connection.”

– Marylebone Journal (UK)

“Rao’s raw and breathtaking short story collection is set against this epic canvas, yet her character studies are intimate.”

– Booklist (Starred)

“What an astonishing collection! Provoking, ferocious, moving, splendid, generous and essential. I seemed to finish the book in a different world than the one in which I began it.”

– Kelly Link (Author of GET IN TROUBLE)

“Shobha Rao has given us clear-eyed stories of intense ruptures and unexpected connections, searing violence and genuine love.”

– Nalini Jones (Author of WHAT YOU CALL WINTER)

“I tore through these stories, as fearful for these characters as if I’d known them my whole life.”

– Tania James (Author of THE TUSK THAT DID THE DAMAGE)